more impressions of albuquerque and madison

I've been in Albuquerque during the last week to visit my father, my aunts and a friend.  Albuquerque has always been a second home to me, not only because my father has lived here for three years, but also because I've had relatives here my entire life.  Lately when I've been coming here, I find myself comparing Albuquerque with Madison.

a “micro-sabattical,” attempted

Yesterday, I used the car to go out to Spring Green, WI to write and reflect. At least that was my intention. I read an article in Madison Magazine about the idea of taking a “micro-sabbatical.” Such a “sabbatical,” the article suggested, could involve a day trip someplace to take oneself out of one's normal routine and enable creative thinking about one's work and life purpose. I thought that would be a good idea.

visions of orange street lights dancing in my head, part I

What got to me was the orange street lights.  Seriously.  Chicago's street lights are a weird, incandescent orange, and that made it very, well, Chicago.  I have many memories of various adventures under those street lights--excursions to different parts of the city to visit family, hang out with friends, celebrate the Fourth of July or New Year's.  And it was all coming back to me, even among the gritty parts of the city near the Stevenson Expressway. 

the day the sun crossed the equator

Now here I was again at Gillson Beach with the dome of the Baha'i Temple behind me in the distance--this time as a Wisconsin resident writing 150 miles from my home.  Nevertheless, Lake Michigan was once again witness to the many conversations going on in my head, and boy, they were talking up a storm this time.

ridin’ on the southwest chief (somehow sung to the tune of “city of new orleans”)

It felt like we were looking into everyone's backyard in a way, kind of seeing the reality of the lives of these people as opposed to the Disney-esque setting in which most towns and cities want to present themselves. I saw a lot of backyards that had pick-up trucks in various states of disassembly , but this authenticity made these little New Mexico towns appeal to me that much more.