getting into my sound

I see one aspect of DJ'ing being the art of balancing the desires of the audience with one's own sound. I think DJ's, whether consciously or unconsciously, have their own sound and style, and it's something audiences can often identify even when the DJ's themselves can't.  In my new introduction and artist's statement, I define my sound as an effort to explore alternative forms of beauty and inspiration.  I did pretty well with that last night, I think.

the dj set from the other night…and a defense of hip-hop

But it's also true that a lot of people have a visceral reaction to hip-hop, particularly here in Madison, and I feel like I need to say something about that.  As for the people who left the comments at the Barefoot Boogie, I don't know what the basis of their objection is.  But a lot of people view hip-hop as a negative force in our society--as if all of it celebrated misogyny, violence, gang life, and the like. 

peace, Linux and happiness?

The Ubuntu logo stood there innocently over an orange bar that indicated the completion rate of the project. Meanwhile, inside my desktop computer, files and programs vaporized into thin air. Nothing was left in its wake except empty storage spaces on my hard drive. Then slowly, the Ubuntu Linux operating system began to establish itself in the barren wasteland that had once been a Windows environment. Step by step, a new operating system and new programs made their home on my computer.