why Mercury retrograde might be real even when it isn’t real

If Planet Mercury's age was the equivalent of one day, the Greco-Roman pantheon from which the name comes from would have appeared only within the last one-tenth of a second of the day. As such, if someone tried to talk to Planet Mercury about its retrograde motion and its impact on our travel and communication, the ancient planet would likely respond, "Wait, what?"

to define my spirituality

Five years ago, I, for the first time, wrote in my blog that I no longer identified with any specific religion. It wasn’t the first time I’d described my spirituality in this way. I felt that way pretty much all throughout my college years, and a brief period of time in 1996. And this has also been true since that blog post in 2014. But I have gradually felt the need more and more to define my spirituality. Even if it’s not associated with a specific religion. I am going to go out on a limb and say something radical. When you think seriously about this, you’ll realize that it is true: The time we live in right now is the most spiritually significant time in tens of thousands of years. It is more significant than during the time of Christ, Mohammed, Moses, Baha’u’llah, the Buddha, and others prophets revered throughout the ages.

your boss’s religious exemption and you

Soundtrack in my head: The Flaming Lips, "Shine On Sweet Jesus" The US Supreme Court's decision in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby has opened the floodgates for supposedly secular companies to claim a "religious exemption" from rights that employees and potential employees would otherwise enjoy. Suddenly, a new reality is emerging that when a company owner's … Continue reading your boss’s religious exemption and you

santa and the stork crossed paths in mid-flight halfway to our house (or, born while i was totally blogging this)

16 Masa'il 167 B.E. (Baha'i Calendar)Soundtrack in my head:  Cloud Cult, "You Were Born" A baby boy was born right about the time that I finished the last blog post--about twenty minutes to midnight on Christmas Day.  This surprised me because I heard very little in the way of sound coming down the hallway.  I … Continue reading santa and the stork crossed paths in mid-flight halfway to our house (or, born while i was totally blogging this)