a dream–and a monty python skit–shine lights on my feelings about religion

A few of us quickly eluded our pursuers and found a temporary safe haven in the temple's kitchen.  We looked out the back window of the kitchen and could see see other members of our group being carried out by police.  They were passively resisting arrest by going limp, remaining cross-legged and smiling, making it necessary for two cops to carry each group member by the shoulders.

the experience of God?

I must admit that I was a bit nervous about posting that I felt the presence of God while in the Baha'i Temple yesterday.  There's the notion of believing in God, but it feels like I'm walking a razor-thin line when I say that I've experienced God.  That kind of stuff can get you in trouble.  As such, I feel like I need to expound more on this subject.


With my left hand I threw the object into the water.  There was kind of a nice little arc as it flew--about five feet up in the air, and then the object plunged into the water with a surprisingly satisfying “ker-plunk” about fifteen feet away.  I was a little surprised at how loud the “ker-plunk” was—kind of a deep and full noise.  There was something that sound that felt very...complete.