correction: it’s NOT all fun and games before the polar ice caps melt

Soundtrack in my head: School of Fish, “3 Strange Days”

This picture reflects what Madison WI usually looks like during the first or second week of May. It looks like fun and games. The lawns are green and ready to be mowed, and the tree buds are turning into real leaves.  But with the last two weeks of temperatures in the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s,  this is actually a picture I took TODAY, 26 March 2012.  Our latitude is 43 degrees North, in case you were wondering.

If you think this might be reason to celebrate, then I’ve got some beach-front property on the Arctic Ocean to sell you.  This article goes into detail about how the unusually warm weather can throw off our local maple syrup producers, apple orchards, and various other functions of nature and our economy that are dependent on a normal cycle of seasons.  These explanations, of course, don’t fit neatly into our dumbed-down national politics in which sentence fragments and political discourse worthy of third grade recess make or break elections.  But it’s reality, regardless of however CNN and Fox News want to spin it. And it’s not fun and games.

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