they’re heeeere…but not many are paying attention to the primary election

Our primary election is next Tuesday, April 3, and we will also be voting on some judges and school board members. I happened to be walking by the Sheraton here in Madison when I came across this…

primary election

While the 2008 primary election here in Wisconsin garnered not only national but international attention per my blog post back then,  this presidential primary is actually playing second fiddle to hotly contested local elections–namely the local school board elections on the same day, and the recall elections in June that will determine whether Gov. Scott Walker will be the first Wisconsin governor ever to be recalled by voters.  Madison is certainly not known for being a Republican town, but Wisconsin, as a whole tends to be almost evenly split between Republican and Democratic voters.

So BBC, if you do happen to be in the neighborhood to cover our primary election, we still have Leinenkugels and cheese curds.  And yes, the Leinies are supposed to be cold and the cheese curds squeaky.

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