ice fishermen vs. water skiers

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It hit 64 degrees today in Madison. It was almost warm enough for me to go without any jacket whatsoever. I was walking through Brittingham Park along Monona Bay, and noticed that half the bay was open water, with the other half, particularly near the John Nolen Drive bridge, still covered with ice.  I wondered if the ice fishermen were still there.

Lake Ice Fishing Work Sunrise Sky
KimJaesub / Pixabay

Sure enough, they were. Wisconsin wouldn’t be quite the same without its rugged, resourceful ice fishermen. If there is so much as a single ice cube floating in the water, you’ll see an ice fisherman out there. Not only that, but ice fishermen are clever enough that they will probably figure a way to lug their big old ice fishing houses out onto that ice cube as well.  I just hope I don’t ever read anything in the paper about a collision between an ice fisherman and a water skier.

I’m glad that Madison is a big enough town so that it can be a comfortable home to both vegans and ice fishermen.

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