the Blogthings website still exists? is it still 2005?

Blogthings was a creature of the early blogging years. A time when blogging was starting to get popular and before Facebook began to dominate.  As a customer-minded business dedicating to meeting the needs of its customers, they saw a need bloggers had.  The need for interesting content. Every Emily, Dylan, Tiffany, Ryan, Amanda, and multiples of twenty-seven Jennifers were jumping in on the blogging bandwagon.  This was cool, until you had to, you know, write interesting content. Which not many were skilled at. 

the DNC is rigging the primaries. again.

The DNC is rigging the primaries for the 2020 Presidential election. Their methods are a bit more sophisticated than 2016. So far, they’ve managed to exclude Presidential candidates Mike Gravel and Tulsi Gabbard from the official debates. With nearly a year to go before Democratic National Convention, it remains to be seen how the DNC will winnow the field further. But the DNC has never acknowledged or apologized to its base or the public for its heavy-handed manipulation tactics during the 2016 election, and as such, we have every reason to believe that history will repeat itself.

war on ISIS: world-wide whac-a-mole again

Soundtrack in my head: Rain Parade, "This Can't Be Today" Photo credit: Kungfuman [CC BY-SA 3.0 (] So it seems we can't leave Iraq alone.  Now it's a war on ISIS--the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which now refers itself to as simply the "Islamic State."  The U.S. government just doesn't seem to know … Continue reading war on ISIS: world-wide whac-a-mole again

upcoming tests for democracy in september

Soundtrack in my head: Holly Beth Vincent, "For What It's Worth (Stop Hey What's That Sound)" It turns out that this month of September will have several critical tests for democracy coming up. The U.S. Senate will be voting on a constitutional amendment to overturning Citizens United most likely sometime this week.  For the first … Continue reading upcoming tests for democracy in september

madison moving day madness magnifies mucked-up mid-town milieu

Soundtrack in my head: The Primitives, "Really Stupid" hpgruesen / Pixabay During the month of August, and particularly August 14-16, U-Haul and other trucking rental companies unleash thousands of trucks on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin--driven by people without licenses to be truck drivers.  Yes, it's Madison Moving Day. Does chaos result?  Yes and no. … Continue reading madison moving day madness magnifies mucked-up mid-town milieu