Wisconsin as a GOP laboratory for dismantling democracy

This is what the GOP’s one-party state would look like.

Wisconsin is being widely viewed as a model of what dismantling democracy in the United States might look like. Ari Berman recently spoke in a Democracy Now! post about the history of the Republican takeover of Wisconsin politics.

The twelve-year process of the Wisconsin GOP’s growing attempt at absolute rule has been disturbing to observe. They have made every effort to exercise a monopoly on power in Wisconsin despite Wisconsin being a purple state with at least half of the population governed locally by Democrats. They try to run every aspect of Wisconsin while only representing some of the people. They carved legislative districts from the Milwaukee suburbs into Milwaukee but don’t even pretend to try to represent the constituents they added.

Don’t forget to vote for your state senators and representatives in this election. And read further in this post from Democracy Now! https://www.democracynow.org/2022/10/28/how_wisconsin_became_gops_laboratory_dismantling

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