the Blogthings website still exists? is it still 2005?

Soundtrack in my head: Mike Doughty, "27 Jennifers" Blogthings was a creature of the early blogging years. A time when blogging was starting to get popular and before Facebook began to dominate.  As a customer-minded business dedicating to meeting the needs of its customers, they saw a need bloggers had.  The need for interesting content. … Continue reading the Blogthings website still exists? is it still 2005?

oh, the things you find on facebook

The face looked similar, and she appeared to be tall like my friend,  but for the life of me couldn't tell whether it was her or not.  So I decided to take a chance and request her as a friend.  I figured, if it was her, then I'd be able to reunite with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time, and if it wasn't her, well, it didn't matter because this person wouldn't know me anyway.

peace, linux and happiness?

The Ubuntu logo stood there innocently over an orange bar that indicated the completion rate of the project. Meanwhile, inside my desktop computer, files and programs vaporized into thin air. Nothing was left in its wake except empty storage spaces on my hard drive. Then slowly, the Ubuntu Linux operating system began to establish itself in the barren wasteland that had once been a Windows environment. Step by step, a new operating system and new programs made their home on my computer.

eve of something, hopefully good

I have always found New Year's Eve to be a slightly surreal experience.  Not necessarily in a bad way.  Time sort of stands still and goes through a transition and at the same time it doesn't.  The divide that establishes the new year, established in the Gregorian calendar (that's the one we all use, in case you didn't know) is, after all, an artificial marker.  The year is very real--it's the time that it takes to go around the sun, but deciding where to mark a complete year is a human decision.  So, in essence, we draw a line, we cross it, and then we celebrate crossing it.

summer rain

As I was walking home, it started raining one and a half blocks before I got to my house. I had an umbrella in my backpack, but I opted not to use it.  I wanted to have the experience of being rained on. I highly recommend the experience.  

celebrate march 32nd! er, um, april fool!

I’ve always strongly believed that Wisconsinites have a better sense of humor than most of the nation, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that April Fool’s Day here is celebrated with a remarkable degree of reverence.  Or irreverence, as it were.  In any case, I would submit that it is celebrated here at least as much as Flag Day.  I think.

the realm of unmatched socks, pocketed business cards and unused social networking pages

I was a Friendster once.  Technically, I still am.  One of my housemates urged me to sign up sometime in 2004.  He was trying to explain the concept to me, and I must admit that at the time I had a bit of difficulty grasping it.  It was something about having friends and being able to see friends of friends.  It sounded strangely similar to the practice of collecting baseball cards.