the Blogthings website still exists? is it still 2005?

Soundtrack in my head: Mike Doughty, “27 Jennifers”

Blogthings was a creature of the early blogging years. A time when blogging was starting to get popular and before Facebook began to dominate.  As a customer-minded business dedicating to meeting the needs of its customers, they saw a need bloggers had.  The need for interesting content.

Every Emily, Dylan, Tiffany, Ryan, Amanda, and multiples of twenty-seven Jennifers were jumping in on the blogging bandwagon.  This was cool, until you had to, you know, write interesting content. Which not many were skilled at.  Luckily, the intrepid entrepreneurs of Blogthings had the answer for them–their quizzes.  If you couldn’t think of anything to write, you needed only to take one of their quizzes and then post the results on your website.  They knew their market well..

Therefore, through Blogthings, you could let your friends know in Live Journal or Blogger know all the important things about you.  For example, Which Foreign Guy Should You Date? What Kind of Bikini Are You?  What 90’s Alternative Song Are You? What’s Your Goth Name? What Kind of Burger Are You? What Color Laptop Should You Own? Are You an “It Girl?”

Blogthings would enable profound self-examination through tools such as The Sesame Street Personality Quiz, and the Bubble Bath Text. Are You Mania or Depression? What Planet Does Your Name Come From? What Does Your Favorite Emoji Say About You? Are You a Vampire, Witch, or Zombie?

Not to mention free services such as the Hippie Chick Name Generator, the Hillbilly Name Generator, the Old Fashioned Name Generator, and the Band Name Generator.  I’m still waiting for a famous band to reveal during an interview that they got their name from the Blogthings Band Name Generator. After all, nobody uses phone books or dictionaries anymore, right?

Just in case you wonder what it says about me:

There’s a 36% Chance You’ve Been Abducted By Aliens

Even though you have a few alien abduction signs, you’re almost certainly in the clear.
However, if aliens ever do come to your neck of the woods… they’ll probably be coming for you!

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