summer rain

18 Nur 165 B.E. (Baha’i Calendar)
Soundtrack in my head:  The Primitives, “Summer Rain”

As I was walking home, it started raining one and a half blocks before I got to my house. I had an umbrella in my backpack, but I opted not to use it.  I wanted to feel what it was like to get wet in the summer rain. I highly recommend the experience.  

It was a light drizzle, but it soon became a steady rain.  The buildings I walked by and the trees I walked under provided a little bit of shelter, but not much.  I knew that my shirt would soon be spotted with raindrops, but I decided that this would be a badge of honor—one that would dry quickly, anyway. I made an effort to feel every raindrop land on me and take in the sensation, and smiled as I did so.  Some guys yelled from a porch, “Hey, you know, it’s raining out.”  I replied that I knew that, and continued to smile.

To some extent we have a choice as to how to respond to the rain that falls in our lives.  I love the summer rain.  As long as it doesn’t flood.  Nevertheless, there are limits to the degree we can embrace the rain.   I wouldn’t recommend doing what I did today during the month of March.  At least not here in Wisconsin.

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