they made a worker’s paradise and filled a parking lot with big yellow taxis

About five months ago I started a new job at Union Cab of Madison.  As a graduate student, I sought a job with flexible hours that I could enjoy and take some pride in. So when I found out that Union Cab was hiring, I jumped at the chance to drive one of their big yellow taxis. read more

apple pickin’ while the apple pickin’s good

I guess I had always looked at apple picking as a chore, not a way to spend a pleasant autumn day. But I was intrigued by the idea, so  I decided to join my housemates.  One nice thing about living in Madison is that it's only a twenty-minute drive before you find yourself in a rural area, so we journeyed a few miles east of town to a local orchard.  read more

a timeless time of memories and fairy dust

Really, it seemed that people had changed very little.  Looking at everyone's faces, maybe there were a few more lines in the faces, a few gray hairs, and different haircuts (usually shorter hair for the men--many of whom, like me, had long hair at the time).  Yet, some of the walkers brought their children and a few of those children were teenagers--children actually not that much younger than the walkers themselves were back in 1990.  Indeed, I felt like I was transported back to 1990.  This was especially true in the evening when we had a big campfire in a beautiful valley.  read more