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19 ‘Izzat 167 B.E. (Baha’i Calendar)
Soundtrack in my head:  The English Beat, “Save It For Later”

I recently had a relationship end.  No real anger, regrets or even sadness–just gratitude for the good times and the things I learned. 

What I find interesting, after two failed relationships in two years, is that I feel more strongly about sticking to the current lifestyle I lead. Even though my lifestyle has not been central to the ending of either relationship.

I find myself appreciating and enjoying co-op life even more.  I find myself enjoying the little things more–the spontaneous conversations, the little moments, our house dinners, and other things. 

The fact that I find myself enjoying my current life more after a relationship–for the second time in a row–really reinforces in me the fact that I’ve chosen my co-op and my co-op lifestyle well. While I will always strive for improvements in my life, I don’t think leaving the co-op life is necessarily an improvement.  I might eventually consider co-housing as a lifestyle, but beyond that, I don’t think I see myself compromising when it comes to community living.  Life is just too good.

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