a timeless time of memories and fairy dust

Really, it seemed that people had changed very little.  Looking at everyone's faces, maybe there were a few more lines in the faces, a few gray hairs, and different haircuts (usually shorter hair for the men--many of whom, like me, had long hair at the time).  Yet, some of the walkers brought their children and a few of those children were teenagers--children actually not that much younger than the walkers themselves were back in 1990.  Indeed, I felt like I was transported back to 1990.  This was especially true in the evening when we had a big campfire in a beautiful valley. 

co-op member, humble thyself

So, as I sat at the dinner table by myself eating my dinner, I really found myself comparing the moment I was in with the efforts my friend's Eritrean community was making on behalf of a bereaved family.  In my more cynical moments, I found myself thinking that maybe the best efforts that white Americans could muster in such a situation would be to form a committee.

we look fab

It was a big dusty mess.  You can see in the picture the measures we had to take to keep the stuff from getting in our eyes and lungs. It was particularly crazy for those blowing the insulation in the attic--sometimes it would snow insulation inside and our hair and clothing would sometimes get covered with the stuff.  Despite that--or actually perhaps because of that, we really enjoyed ourselves. 

eve of something, hopefully good

I have always found New Year's Eve to be a slightly surreal experience.  Not necessarily in a bad way.  Time sort of stands still and goes through a transition and at the same time it doesn't.  The divide that establishes the new year, established in the Gregorian calendar (that's the one we all use, in case you didn't know) is, after all, an artificial marker.  The year is very real--it's the time that it takes to go around the sun, but deciding where to mark a complete year is a human decision.  So, in essence, we draw a line, we cross it, and then we celebrate crossing it.