graduate school daze

The UW isn't that much bigger than the University of Illinois where I got my bachelor's degree, but somehow it feels more intimidating. Either that or I just didn't worry as much the first time around.  In any case I feel like a freshman at 43 and need one of those kind-hearted guides in the red Wisconsin t-shirts to guide this scared little puppy through the system.  

a timeless time of memories and fairy dust

Really, it seemed that people had changed very little.  Looking at everyone's faces, maybe there were a few more lines in the faces, a few gray hairs, and different haircuts (usually shorter hair for the men--many of whom, like me, had long hair at the time).  Yet, some of the walkers brought their children and a few of those children were teenagers--children actually not that much younger than the walkers themselves were back in 1990.  Indeed, I felt like I was transported back to 1990.  This was especially true in the evening when we had a big campfire in a beautiful valley.