CDC is hiding data from you

Pandemic? What pandemic? Was there ever a pandemic? The CDC is hiding data from you now.

Comparison of data provided according to old CDC guidelines 4/12/22 and new CDC guidelines 4/14/22.

Look at the bizarre contrast between the data for 4/12 and 4/14. Suddenly, the reported case rate in Dane County has dropped from “High” levels on Tuesday to “Low”yesterday. On 4/12 they had a clearly identified case rate of over 180 cases, and yesterday–well, they’re not going to give you the data anymore. Or you’ll have to dig really hard to find it.

Both of these screenshots are from the main page of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. In a note today, the DHS has said they have embraced the CDC’s new guidelines, and suddenly our case count has dropped to” low.” And they don’t tell us why it’s low–they just give the CDC definition. It is also much harder to download historical data from the pandemic. I’m going to continue to scour the DHS website to see if I can, but right now, it seems like the only data I can download is the data published on 4/15, rather than all of the days since March 2020.

The motive couldn’t be more clear. The CDC is hiding data from you. The government would rather that you didn’t know about the COVID case rates in the area. They want you to believe that the pandemic is over and they want to take credit for ending it. This started with the Democratic state governors who started removing mask mandates when the numbers from the Omicron variant were still high. It has now been proven that both political parties will go to great lengths to suppress the real truth about COVID when it’s an election year. This tactic didn’t work for the GOP in 2020 and it won’t work for the Democrats in 2022.

George Orwell must be spinning in his grave

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