Soundtrack in my head: Jethro Tull, “Living In The Past”

We as a co-op house have just admitted four new members. All of them are female, and are big fans of community living, though their habit of establishing pecking orders means that consensus decision-making is not one of their strong points.  They are just a few months old, and are big fans of grains, seeds, scratching the ground and burrowing in hay. Yes, they are chickens!

Well, yes they do resemble dinosaurs, don’t they?

Madison has been cultivating its own backyard chicken culture ever since outdoor chicken coops were legalized in 2004. We’d often thought about getting chickens, but didn’t take initiative until two new housemates moved in from rural Indiana.  One of the new housemates managed to procure spare wood and a workspace from a local connection, and built this beautiful coop in our backyard.

The hens are just at about egg-laying age, so we’ll see how many cheese omelets we can get out of these girls. If only we had a cow or a goat for the other part of the omelet…

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