leap into a simple life

Soundtrack in my head: Tommy Roe: “Dizzy”

Being busy seems to make it more difficult to live a simple life. Trying to combine part-time grad school with a full time job is leading me to burn-out.  I don’t see how I could do two or three more years of this.  Plus, next semester, I will be taking seven credits (eight is considered full-time) and will be starting a fall field placement that will take up twelve hours per week.

So I did the only rational thing I could do.

I quit…




…my job.

Actually, I gave notice.  My last day will be on 14 August. I’m going to have to take out more in student loans than I’d originally planned.  I still plan on working, likely part-time.  I qualify for the health-insurance plan at the university, so that gives me some flexibility.

I’ve always advocated for the simple life. I’m fighting burnout, and I don’t want to be burned out when I *begin* my new career. Besides, I also see this as an opportunity to do some things I’ve wanted to do but simply didn’t feel like I had the time.

Ever since I started thinking about going back to school, my long-term career goal  has been to start my own private business practice as a therapist–either by myself or in partnership with other therapists.  As such, I’m considering practicing for this possibility by starting my own DJing business.  I want to get a better sense of the market, but given that I already have most of the equipment I need, I don’t see it as a huge risk.

I also have other interests I want to pursue.  I need to get more serious about my spiritual practice as a Baha’i.  I’ve been running around so much over the last year, I feel that I’ve lost my center.  One thing the free time will accomplish for me:  I’ll be able to go to the Green Lake Baha’i Conference for the entire weekend for the first time. I’m looking forward to the jolt of spiritual energy I hope to get from it.

I also want to get serious about a good diet and exercise program.  I’ve gained a decent amount of weight during my first year in grad school.  I still have a goal of making my bike my main source of transport, and that will be easier once I no longer have to commute six miles to a workplace with no shower.

I’ve been interested in getting involved with the Dane County Timebank.  This organization has created what is essentially a barter system for services, where the currency is one hour of your time.  I’ve always liked the idea of this, and I think it would be worthwhile to get involved and see what services I could offer and what services I could receive.

Finally, I want to see to what extent I can further foster a simpler life.  I want to see how possible it is to feed myself with not much more than the $110 [per month each of us puts into our house food share.  I need to eat more veggies.  I won’t miss the cafeteria and vending machine food at work, even though they made a pretty penny from me.

I’ve worked mostly at desks for over 20 years and it’s taken a toll on my health. I’m not getting any younger. I’m told that my field placement will be less desk-oriented.

This will be a little scary.  Already, there’s a part of me saying “Are you crazy?   Do you realize what you’re doing???”  But crazy would be continuing what I have been doing.

So I’m looking forward to this.  The countdown is at 45 days…

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