on a quiet walk through James Madison Park after dropping a heavy piece of news

James Madison Park
Soundtrack:  Ride, “Leave Them All Behind”

After I made my last post, I decided to go out for a walk to James Madison Park for some exercise and to think quietly to myself.

It’s the last warm day of the year.

So much is happening.

It might be a joyous month.  It might be a difficult month.

I see giant splashes of yellow in the trees arching over Butler Street as I cross into the park.

I stare out from James Madison Park over Lake Mendota. My good friend Lake Mendota, who has listened to many conversations going on in my head over the last several years.  It is 73 degrees out.  The fall colors are at their peak.  Across the lake I see rolling hills of red, yellow, orange and green.

Looking out to the north and west I see dark clouds moving slowly our way, indicating the possibility of rain.  The clouds are dark but I see no lightning, and I do see streaks of sunshine coming through.  As the clouds grow closer, I see bright fiery colors where those streaks of sunshine are as the sun behind them begins its descent.  I feel a cool breeze that tells me the weather is about to change.

The seagulls congregate on the grass, but then scatter with each jogger and pedestrian that  comes through.  The ducks are floating in the water–a little group here, a little group there, and it almost appears that they are watching the approaching clouds as well.  They seem very calm.

I feel peace.

lake macquarie, sunset, water, james madison park
12019 (CC0), Pixabay

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