feedback is not just an 8-minute song by the grateful dead

Soundtrack in my head: Grateful Dead, “Feedback”

Okay, so I admit it. I was initially ambivalent about asking for feedback. and allowing people to post comments on this site. Partially because I didn’t quite know how to use the comments function on Squarespace, and partially because I didn’t know how to protect my site from spam-bots and people wanting to use my space for their own political platforms, whatever those might be. But now I’ve got a better sense now of how those functions work.

I just want to write something I believe in and believe should be out there in cyberspace someplace. But I’ve realized that publishing in a vacuum is fun for only so long. What I’m saying is that I want to hear from you, gentle reader. There are at least two of you stopping by every hour. Give me feedback. I know I have dozens of people tapping my RSS and XML feeds. What draws you here? What keeps you coming back? What resonates with you? Do you have something to add to what I’m saying? I may take your comments to heart, or I may completely ignore you, but at least I’ll have more information than before.

Now I’ve got it set up so that all you have to do enter a name and some text—you don’t have to register your email address or join Blogger or do any of that. The only catch is that I must approve your post, so be nice. Or you can also email me through the site—a friend of mine tested it long ago and it works beautifully.

By the way, in case you’re wondering about the Grateful Dead reference, the song is the second to last track on “Live Dead.” And we bid you goodnight…


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