parting the waters in Madison

Soundtrack in my head: Velo Deluxe, “Jesus Let Me In”

Cat Magic Silhouette Skull parting the waters
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

Is there anyone here in Madison who is capable of parting the waters the way Moses did?  Because my co-workers and I saw a strange thing on the weather radar on the Internet.

Weather reports this morning predicted thunderstorms today, some possibly severe. One co-worker often checks the weather radar on the Internet to see what’s happening with the storms. This morning, we saw a solid block of storm clouds about as long as the length of Wisconsin coming into the state from Iowa and Minnesota, and some of those showed potentially severe weather. They appeared headed right toward us as they hit Iowa County, the county to the west of us. Several of my co-workers went out to the parking lot to close the windows on their cars.

But then in the afternoon a funny thing happened. It didn’t rain. Later on, my co-worker looked at the radar again. It seems as if the storm dissipated as it approached Madison and then began to reappear just east of Madison.

We’ve noticed for a long time that storm systems tend to go to either the north or the south of Madison, and it’s probably because we have large lakes on two sides of the city. But for a storm to dissipate before hitting Madison and reappear on the other side of Madison?

If anybody has seen someone here in Madison holding a staff skyward with eyes closed in concentration, well, at the very least I’d recommend being nice to the person and hope that he/she is on our side.

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