Halloween snow…must white be a fall color?

Soundtrack in my head: The Fauns, "The Sun is Cruising" Having lived in Wisconsin for over a decade and a half, October snowflakes aren’t unusual or particularly strange. But Halloween snow that accumulates and stays for a while? That has felt weird. This past week, several snowfalls brought eight inches of snow accumulation, switching us … Continue reading Halloween snow…must white be a fall color?

apple pickin’ while the apple pickin’s good

I guess I had always looked at apple picking as a chore, not a way to spend a pleasant autumn day. But I was intrigued by the idea, so  I decided to join my housemates.  One nice thing about living in Madison is that it's only a twenty-minute drive before you find yourself in a rural area, so we journeyed a few miles east of town to a local orchard.