one nice thing about top 40–a great source of awesome cover versions

I absolutely love creative cover versions of familiar songs.  From a DJ’s standpoint they’re a great way to engage the dance floor while at the same time turning them on to other types of music. Sometimes the cover versions bring a previously undanceable song to the dance floor, and sometimes the cover can be downright hilarious, such as when the punk band The Dickies covered The Moody Blues’ “Nights In White Satin.” read more

making friends with top 40

If you read about my musical influences, you can see that there is a long history of me running away from mainstream radio ever since the vast majority of radio stations refused to play songs that appeared on MTV in the  early 80’s. Example of groups shunned by most of mainstream radio include The Cure, Depeche Mode, Bow Wow Wow, Fun Boy Three and Missing Persons.  These groups became popular despite being shut out of most of mainstream commercial radio.  As I dug deeper and deeper to find music that I liked, I began to cast aside the offerings of Top 40 radio in order to find other things that moved me.  And as I joined mosh pits and pogoed at punk rock shows, Top 40 became the punchline to many jokes. read more