the experience of God?

I must admit that I was a bit nervous about posting that I felt the presence of God while in the Baha'i Temple yesterday.  There's the notion of believing in God, but it feels like I'm walking a razor-thin line when I say that I've experienced God.  That kind of stuff can get you in trouble.  As such, I feel like I need to expound more on this subject.

[co-op name] update, part 2

If someone tells me they are having a negative experiences with something, I'm inclined not to question it in most cases.  I can never claim to be able to put myself fully in someone else's shoes, and as such I am inclined to validate their feelings and experiences unless I have really good reason not to.

[co-op name] update, part 1

We talked about the objections to the name change at the house meeting, though almost half the house was absent from that meeting.  We lacked quorum, and as such, could not make any official decisions.  But we talked about the issue and we agreed that we should both talk with the concerned individuals one-on-one and also develop a unified house statement which, unfortunately, we could not develop that evening.

listen, the snow is falling

I walked outside my old co-op house at about 7 p.m. tonight and was delighted to see cascades of snowflakes falling from the sky.  The streetlamps lighting up downtown Madison revealed night air filled with little moving white dots that felt as alive as they were quiet. They were sticking to the ground and making lawns, cars, and rooftops white, but not really accumulating much beyond that. 

unexplainable feelings at Feast

Tonight I went to the Nineteen-Day Feast at the Baha'i Center.  Baha'is hold feasts timed with the first day of each nineteen-day month on the Baha'i calendar.  Lately, I've been a little more open about my feelings about the Faith, while acknowledging that they are feelings and not necessarily opinions.