evading the corporate media filters

corporate media filter

I just had a powerful realization about all of the time that I’ve spent posting on social media. Yes, we can talk about doomscrolling and how mind-numbing social media can be. But what makes this act so mind-numbing is that the mysterious corporate media filters are deciding what we see for us.

My social media content is not for everybody. I’ll be the first to admit that. But I want you to decide whether my content is worth reading or not. I don’t want a corporation to decide this for you. But it is. I think that I have been, to a large extent, shadowbanned by a certain corporation. I say this because my 450+ friends here on this platform are by and large a very discerning and socially conscious bunch. But it appears that only a small percentage are seeing my posts.

This blog has existed for nearly seventeen years, though it was inactive for five years. It has been rather chameleon-like, changing as I have changed. Its first few years have detailed my life living in co-op houses. This blog has frequently touched on spirituality and world affairs. It has what I would generally consider to be a libertarian socialist* point of view. It also details life in the non-profit sector, work and life in cooperatives, and coming to terms with the harsh realities that the 21st century is throwing at us.

I will continue to post on social media, but I will be making most posts through this blog, The Different Drummer Soundtrack. It’s my content. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. And if you want to follow along, simply subscribe. You can find the subscription form on the lower right column of the blog page. I’d love to see you t/here.

*I see libertarian socialism to be a largely decentralized socialism that tries to avoid big bureaucracies. Libertarianism came out of the socialist and anarchist movements in the 19th century. But a conservative, hyper-capitalistic form of it emerged in the mid-20th century and dominates what people consider to be libertarianism today.

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