they can keep my ear (some music that has caught my ear recently)

Soundtrack in my head: Washed Out, “Amor Fati”

Hey, I just realized that it’s been a few months since I posted some videos.  The last time I posted some was in December with that rather epic history of shoegaze that was probably the video equivalent of a box set. This post will be shorter. Just wanted to share a three videos of musical artists I’ve discovered recently and highly recommend.

I discovered Washed Out recently while looking for more danceable dreampop to spin.  This particular song is quite catchy and you will probably be hearing at a dance event of mine soon.

Last year I discovered Peaking Lights, a husband and wife band that just recently relocated to the Madison area from the Bay Area.  Their music is incredibly eclectic and all over the map.  This sounds a little bit like blues as if played at an alien carnival.


While surfing YouTube videos, I discovered Warpaint, an absolutely brilliant alternative rock band. This haunting video is a partly a tribute to Billie Holiday, and partly a cover of Mary Wells‘ “My Guy,” but it seems to me they are saying a lot more about the artists and their songs than might initially meet the eye. I have my own interpretation–what do you think?

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