how to *really* avoid rape

I’m reblogging this from littlemissconceptions, a blog written by a fellow Baha’i in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I think it hits the nail on the head as to the missing element in much of the “rape prevention advice” that is out there and the inherent double standards that don’t get talked about when discussing rape prevention. read more

a small but enthusiastic crowd ‘dances as they are’ on opening night

My Dance As You Are event made its debut last Saturday night.  It was a small crowd, not quite enough to meet the expenses of the event, but it was illuminating nevertheless.  The most important thing was that everybody had a good time there, and that was a huge accomplishment in and of itself.  I felt an enthusiasm among attendees that I hadn’t felt in the waning days of the previous event for which I’d served as a volunteer DJ.  And, as I expected, the very act of going out and doing it gave me insights and ideas that I would not have had otherwise had I held out for the “perfect time” and the “perfect opportunity.” read more

boogie down and reset: dance as you are

I’m finally doing it:  I am starting a new dance event called Dance As You Are, with its first event on February 16th.The website describes the event as follows:  “Dance As You Are is an innovative concept in dance club environments. Less pretense, less artificial divisions between music genres, and less of a “meat-market” atmosphere, Dance As You Are intends to make the dance floor more accessible and more fun for a wider array of people.” read more