time capsule 2003

My first bedroom in this co-op house was tiny—maybe 7 x 11 feet, and so I had to make hard decisions as to what keep in there and what I could temporarily part with. I moved out of the room only eight months later, and over the years I have gradually moved to bigger and bigger rooms within the house. But I never went through my stuff in the attic until last week. Going through these possessions was like going through a time capsule from 2003. I knew basically what was up there, but had forgotten about a lot of this stuff.

time capsule 1973

Today, a couple of young women stopped by our co-op house. One of them explained that her mother lived here in this co-op in 1973, and that her parents met here. They wondered if they could have a tour of the co-op and be allowed to take a few pictures.