winter plastic sealed in for a…ah…um…wait a minute!

Soundtrack in my head:  Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations" So we have the winter plastic installed, but, maybe we shouldn't shake those snow globes yet.  Sixty freaking seven degrees.  Heat index 78.  I think the long nap I was referring to in my last post should be occuring out on one of our porches, with a … Continue reading winter plastic sealed in for a…ah…um…wait a minute!

winter window plastic for a long winter’s nap

It’s sort of a weird feeling when we put the sheets of plastic up and snap them in on the built-in runners alongside the window. The plastic invariably diminishes the visibility of the outdoors. My room, in particular has a pretty good view of the trees and the backyards to the east of us, and this view becomes blurred. I have to make an effort when I look through my window to make out the features of the view outside. This does not bother me, strange as that may seem.

senator herbert kohl & me

Out of fairness, I am going to make a public offer to Sen. Herbert Kohl’s campaign. I am willing to offer the Senator’s campaign use of space on this blog for the purpose of letting them publish and clarify his views on the issue of Net Neutrality—uncut and unedited. Or, as an alternative, I will post a link to any statement on either his Congressional website or campaign website regarding the issue. I’ve looked through both websites and haven’t found anything, but perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough.