chicago seen through cheesehead glasses

Us Chicago natives are weaned from an early age to become architecture snobs, with aesthetic critiques of the playground equipment not uncommon by the age of five--so my words should be taken with some grains of salt. But the bottom line is that I was saddened to see the old Maxwell Street neighborhood go. Certainly it needed sprucing up and cleaning up, but I think it could have done without losing the essence of what the neighborhood was about. What had landed here was something completely different.

net neutrality is 100% american–just ask the zuiikin gals

Folks, Internet freedom is hanging by a thread right now. It's getting scarier out there. Watch the Zuiikin Gals below weigh in on Net Neutrality. (Okay maybe not really, but as you watch the video, imagine them giving Net Neutrality opponents a piece of their mind.) And then think to yourself. Would you be able to see things like this if AT&T or Comcast influenced what you would see on the Internet?

working-class hero boots (afternoon at the Farm and Fleet)

So I went down to the Farm and Fleet again.  I really like the idea of purchasing footwear at a place where I could also get cattle ear tags if I wanted.  Seriously, I'm not making fun of them, it's just that being a city kid most of my life, it's a bit of a different world for me.  After living in melting-pot neighborhoods where fifty-plus languages were spoken at the local high school, this is something that for me is still new, perhaps even exotic.