cave day!

I walked into the kitchen and sure enough, on the whiteboard was written in big letters "CAVE DAY!" and underneath, it said,  "Temperature 87 degrees, humidity 67%."  Yes, the alert had been officially sounded. 

more life lessons from a kayak

Waves were now lurching my kayak left and right and I nearly tumbled twice.  I paddled furiously.  I found myself quite angry at the wind and the waves. At one point, I remember using my paddle to take a good whack at a wave--partially in order to steer my craft, but also because, well, I felt the wave deserved a good whack.


With my left hand I threw the object into the water.  There was kind of a nice little arc as it flew--about five feet up in the air, and then the object plunged into the water with a surprisingly satisfying “ker-plunk” about fifteen feet away.  I was a little surprised at how loud the “ker-plunk” was—kind of a deep and full noise.  There was something that sound that felt very...complete.