your boss’s religious exemption and you

The US Supreme Court's decision in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby has opened the floodgates for supposedly secular companies to claim a "religious exemption" from rights that employees and potential employees would otherwise enjoy. Suddenly, a new reality is emerging that when a company owner's religious beliefs conflict with that of their employees, the company owner … Continue reading your boss’s religious exemption and you

santa and the stork crossed paths in mid-flight halfway to our house (or, born while i was totally blogging this)

16 Masa'il 167 B.E. (Baha'i Calendar) Soundtrack in my head:  Cloud Cult, "You Were Born" A baby boy was born right about the time that I finished the last blog post--about twenty minutes to midnight on Christmas Day.  This surprised me because I heard very little in the way of sound coming down the hallway.  … Continue reading santa and the stork crossed paths in mid-flight halfway to our house (or, born while i was totally blogging this)

a dream–and a monty python skit–shine lights on my feelings about religion

A few of us quickly eluded our pursuers and found a temporary safe haven in the temple's kitchen.  We looked out the back window of the kitchen and could see see other members of our group being carried out by police.  They were passively resisting arrest by going limp, remaining cross-legged and smiling, making it necessary for two cops to carry each group member by the shoulders.

my independent investigation of truth

My feelings about the Baha'i Faith are still very positive, but my devotion to the Baha'i Faith is not really strong.  I've gradually come to realize this while attending meetings where we would discuss attracting new people to the Faith.  I'd sit and listen at the meetings and find myself feeling quite sad for no apparent reason.

is this what it’s supposed to feel like?

After Day Four of the Nineteen-Day fast, it seems that I'm coming down with a bit of a cold.  Either it's a March cold or the fast is causing toxins to release themselves from my body.  In any case, I'm lying a bit low at this point.  But I have had some interesting experiences that I think are helping me understand the purpose of the fast more.